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Cruising the Mediterranean and the Pacific Ocean

Sail luxuriously through the Mediterranean and stop at a number of exotic ports of call. While you relax in a deck chair, the cruise ship moves through the pleasant waters of the Mediterranean. Every morning brings with it a new culture and environment to explore and spectacular shops that can meet even the most discerning shoppers needs.

These trips provide all of the accommodations that a resort has to offer and often includes meals and entertainment options.

Mediterranean cruises often start from Italy, Spain, Greece or France and cover a wide swath of area. Cruises are most popular from April to October every year, although trips can be found outside of the bust season.

Best time of year for cruise destinations | When to sail

One beautiful port of call starts in Barcelona. Over one million passengers a year choose to have this as the start of their journey.

Historic attractions, beautiful architecture and great food make this city shine above all others. From the mountains of Montserrat to the Museu Del Calcat, this medieval city will take your breath away before you even embark on your journey.

All roads lead to Rome-and ships dock here as well. Rome cruises actually depart from a port near Rome called Civitavecchia.

Only one hour away from Rome, this quaint city is worth the wait. While you pass your time away in Italy, check out some of Rome’s famed locations. The Vatican, S.t Peter’s Basilica and the Pantheon are all located in this monumental town.

Although it no longer retains its title as the capital of the world, once you explore its cobbled streets for a few hours you will see why it was once the top city on earth. Rome is an extraordinary convenient port as well-ships leave Rome in all seasons of the year to any location throughout the Mediterranean.

Enjoy the Pacific Ocean

One of the most beautiful places to visit when travelling to places like Australia is Sydney. Sydney is a beautiful place to relax and enjoy with family and friends. The best way to do this is by basking under blue skies on a Sydney Harbour Cruise. This is an absolutely magnificent way to spend Australia Day.

Why not look to the harbour and have it out on the water where you can have the most impressive views in Sydney?

Legend Cruises provide a highly professional and experienced team who will make sure that you explore the Sydney harbour in spacious comfort.

One of the most famed locations in the Mediterranean, Venice is one of the top experiences to have in cruising. Sail through the Guidance Canal into Venice and wander through the car-free streets. Hire a gondolier for an afternoon and learn firsthand why Venice has enjoyed a reputation for being a romantic travel destination. With hundreds of bridges, this city is just as easy to explore by foot as by water. Make sure to stop at the Basilica di San Marco and Piazza di San Marco before you leave Venice.

A variety of cruise lines sail the Mediterranean, offering an array of experiences and travel options. The entertaining and expensive Carnival or Costa cruise lines are a hit with the younger crowd, but their hard-partying ways often are negative for older patrons.

No matter what cruise line you ultimately decide on, a voyage through the gentle waters of the Mediterranean is sure to leave a lasting impression. Surrounded by history and cradled in the lap of luxury, a Mediterranean cruise provides the ultimate vacation experience.