We're working with local historians to bring you the stories, the legends and
the history of Berwick-Upon-Tweed.

Key localities
Medieval walls, 18th century architecture, a 17th century bridge -- not to mention
Robert The Bruce and William Wallace! Let local historian Derek Sharman be your guide......

A Brief History Of Berwick
Derek Sharman MBE gives an overview of the events that have shaped the town

Anglo-Scottish Wars -- The Timeline
Between 1296 and 1482, Berwick was besieged and assaulted on more occasions than any other town in the world other than Jerusalem, changing hands no less than 13 times!

The Berwick-Upon-Tweed Preservation Trust
Since its foundation in 1971 The Trust has completed a significant number of major restoration projects. See before-and-after images and explore the neighbourhoods......

The Arts in Berwick -- A Short Cultural History
Chris Green, Curator of the Borough Museum, reviews two millenia of Architecture, Film, Legends, Literature, Music, Natural History, Religion, Theatre, Engraving, Painting, Photography, Posters and Sculpture.