About us

We’re working with local historians to bring you the stories, the legends and

the history of Berwick-Upon-Tweed. .

Key localities

Medieval walls, 18th century architecture, a 17th century bridge — not to mention

Robert The Bruce and William Wallace! Let local historian Derek Sharman be your guide……

A Brief History Of Berwick

LDerek Sharman gives an overview of the events that have shaped the town

The Berwick-Upon-Tweed Preservation Trust

Since its foundation in 1971 The Trust has completed a significant number of major restoration projects. See before-and-after images and explore the neighbourhoods……

The Arts in Berwick — A Short Cultural History

Chris Green, Curator of the Borough Museum, reviews two millenia of Architecture, Film, Legends, Literature, Music, Natural History, Religion, Theatre, Engraving, Painting, Photography, Posters and Sculpture.